Installation and Registration

  • Objective: Learn how to install, register and login to use the Trends.Earth plugin in QGIS. These step needs to be completed only the first time you use the tool. Your user will be then saved for future sessions.

  • Estimated time of completion: 20 minutes

  • Internet access: Required

  1. Once QGIS is installed open it by searching in the for the QGIS icon on your computer’s desktop or program menu.

  2. Once QGIS loads, search in the menu bar for Plugins. Click and a drop down menu will open.

  3. Click on Manage and Install plugins. The Plugins window will open.

  1. In the search window type Trends.Earth.

  2. Click on the Trends.Earth plugin icon in the middle window and information on the toolbox will be displayed in the panel to the right.

  1. To install the plugin click Install plugin button located in the bottom right section of the window. A small window will pop-up showing the progress bar for the download and installation of the Trends.Earth plugin. This process could take a few minutes depending on the speed of the Internet connection and the computer you are using.

  1. Once the window with the progress bar disappears click Close to close the Plugin Window. Trends.Earth will be installed in your computer. It will show in your QGIS tool bar as the series of icons highlighted below.

  1. To create your account click on the wrench icon (iconWrench).

  1. To Register, click the Step 1: Register button.

  1. Enter your email, name, organization and country of residence.

  1. Select Ok and you will see a message indicating your user has been registered.


12. After registering, you will receive an email from with your password. If you don’t see the email in your inbox after 15-20 seconds, please check your spam folder in case the email was sent there. Once you receive this email , click on Step 2: Enter login. This will bring up a dialog asking for your email and password. Enter your email address and the password you received from and click Ok.

  1. You will see a message indicating you have successfully been logged in:


You are now ready to start using Trends.Earth!