Load data tool


The “Load data” function allows the user to load data into QGIS and Trends.Earth for analysis.

There are two options, to load results of Trends.Earth analysis or to load custom datasets which will be used to compute the indicators.


Load a custom input dataset


Use this option to load productivity datasets which have already been generated outside of Trends.Earth.

Productivity classes in the input data must be coded as follows:

1: Declining 2: Early signs of decline 3: Stable but stressed 4: Stable 5: Increasing 0 or -32768: No data


Land cover

Use this option to load land cover datasets which will then be used for land cover change analysis and/or soil organic carbon change analysis.



If you’ll be using the CORINE land cover data, you can use this definition file to pre-load a suggested aggregation of the land cover classes in Corine to convert them to the 7 UNCCD land cover classes.

Soil organic carbon

Processing of custom soil organic carbon data can be handled using this tool.


This tool assumes that the units of the raster layer to be imported are Metrics Tons of organic carbon per hectare. If your layer is in different units, please make the necessary conversions before using it in Trends.Earth.