View and download results


Once you have submitted a calculation using Trends.Earth, it is sent to Google Earth Engine to run the calculations in the cloud. To view the Google Earth Engine (GEE) tasks you have running, and to download your results, select the cloud with the arrow facing down icon (iconCloudDownload). This will open up the Download results from Earth Engine dialog box.

Click Refresh List to show all the tasks you have submitted and their status.

Users can view their current and previous tasks here. the table shows the task name provided by the user, which analysis is running (job), the start time and end time of when the task was started and completed and whether or not the task was successful. The Details page outlines the different options the user chose for each task.

../_images/image0341.png ../_images/image0351.png

To download results to the computer once a task has finished, click on the task you are interested in downloading results for, then click Download results. In the window that appears, choose the location in which to save the download. Note that some downloads might consist of multiple files - all of these files need to be kept together if the results are moved to a different location on the computer (or saved to a USB stick).